The right solution. The right team. The right time.

Click2Community is not a conventional software company. It is rare to find people with sound web software development skills and operational hosting know-how as well as expertise in the homebuilder domain. We draw from such a team - a talented group of innovative technology and business professionals to produce web-based Customer Relationship Management software geared specifically for homebuilders.

How do we do all this? Leadership, management and technology coming together to provide outstanding value to our clients.

First, "synergy" drives our leadership who understands that combining the right mix of spirit, talent and energy with the right technology and partner resources results in an unbeatable combination. Secondly, we believe that e-Business solutions rely on sound architectural foundations. And thirdly, our technology team doesn't build applications - they build solutions. Open solutions that align with homebuilders' e-Business requirements.

These three elements combine to form Click2Community. The right solution. The right team. The right time.