A powerful tool for developing a web presence, Click2Builder is a web site generator that can help you put an interactive web site online and attracting new customers in a matter of days. Click2Builder is designed with production homebuilding and operational flexibility in mind, by giving you the ability to drive the look, feel and flow of your site to match your corporate image and the way you do business. This can all be done without the need for technical resources to implement or operate the complex hardware and software required to provide a reliable, high performance, Internet-ready environment.

Click2Builder features:

  • Professionally Designed Templates - a variety of style and color themes to complement your brand strategy or existing site.
  • Flexible Navigation - Dynamic menu and sub-menu generation provides navigation suited to the site features and functions desired.
  • Content Library - Sample content provided in templates speeds up copy creation and stock images provide colorful graphics.
  • Administrative Tools - Comprehensive views and reports to track prospects and maintain site and product information.
  • Comprehensive Site Modules - including the following Channels:
    • Home Page - Professionally designed for maximum impact, the Home Page can be further customized with Flash and other graphical elements.
    • About Us - Presents information about your company, privacy policy, site terms, forms for 'Contact Us' requests, 'Registration' and 'Visitor Surveys'. These are supported by automatic email response for password reminders and contact notification, as well as security authentication for login of registered users.
    • Search - Provides parametric search for home plans; this is useful for builders with a large selection of plans or more than one community.
    • Peruse Plans - One of several forums to present plan information, 'Peruse Plans' is a valuable function for cross-selling amongst your communities. A comprehensive list of all plans in all communities is displayed in an easy to navigate table. A variety of columns of plan attributes can be turned on/off depending on your preferences. The plan list can be displayed with or without thumbnail images allowing customers with slow connections the option of viewing a faster text-only display.
    • Communities & Homes - Presents all your product information in an "assisted" fashion. Customers can select from a list of communities and drill-down to focus on the product available in that community. Customers can easily navigate through your community, homesites and plan information.
    • Available Now! - While Inventory homes are identified in other channels, 'Available Now!' provides an aggregated list of homes available for sale across all your communities.
    • Tips & Tools - A fully customizable channel that can be tailored to provide information that you wish to present.

A third module, Click2Customer™, is scheduled for the fourth quarter rounding out the suite with additional marketing, sales and customer service management functionality.

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