Click2Configure makes online Design Center functionality a reality allowing homebuilders to interactively present communities, home sites, plans and options through the web. This information is more than just "brochureware" as it is fully customizable, presenting your homes in an attractive and easy-to-use format that has potential buyers selling themselves on products and upgrades from the convenience of their own home. The prospect's selections are available to the builder's sales and marketing teams to develop sales strategies and to refine product strategy, translating into greater revenue and profits.

Click2Configure provides the following:

  • Prospective homebuyers can plan their dream home in three easy steps.
  • Presentation of options can be organized by category or 'packages'.
  • The level of pricing exposure can be set to provide different levels of access to customers depending on their registration status.
  • Customers are encouraged to register in order to save their favorite configurations.
  • A real-time mortgage calculator shows the impact of option selection on the total price and monthly payment.
  • To further enhance the customer's experience, a personalized, printer-friendly summary of selections can be viewed or printed.
  • Administrative tools providing comprehensive views and reports to track prospects and maintain site and product information.

All of these elements are presented to homebuyers in an incredibly powerful yet simple to use package. Intuitive design and user-friendly navigation ensures that the experience of using Click2Configure enhances your customers' satisfaction.

Product sheet