Click2Community's Power Tools for Home Selling

For builders, specialized tools are vital both in constructing homes as well as selling them. Click2Community's suite of power selling tools may not look like a hammer or saw but it can dramatically improve sales and customer relations. And whether it's using all of the components in the Click2Community suite or just one of the individual modules, builders can choose from a variety of tools designed to boost profits through improving relationships with homebuyers.

As no two homes will ever be completely identical even if built to the same floor plan, the same is true of builders needs for managing relationships with customers. To meet those individual needs, Click2Community's suite offers two new modules that provide crucial components to a builder's e-business strategy:

  • Click2Builder™ - a dynamic web site generator, and
  • Click2Configure™ - an interactive home configurator with virtual Design Center capabilities.

A third module, Click2Customer™, is scheduled for release in the fourth quarter rounding out the suite with additional marketing, sales and customer service management functionality.

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