Product Feature Matrix

Dynamic Web Presence      
Web Site Generation
Professionally Designed Interface
• Dynamic GUI Jackets
• Variety of Template Themes & Colors
• Multi-media Graphical Elements
Dynamic Menu Generation & Site Navigation    
Stock Content & Image Library
Multi-level Organization Support
• Consortium, Builder, Market, and/or Project
Business Rules Engine
• Product Definition Tools for Community Homesites, Plans & Options
• Pricing & Selection Rules for Plan Collections, Plans, Options & Homesites
• Classification Schemes for Option Packages, Groups & Items
• Price Exposure by User Access (4 levels)
Interactive Selling & Lead Generation      
Innovative Presentation of Communities, Homesites, Plans & Options
Parametric Search  
Community Locator    
Homesite Selection  
Plan Selection  
Option Selection    
Mortgage Estimator    
Visitor Survey    
Inventory Home Presentation    
Company Information    
Customizable Information Channel    
Sales Management      
Contact Requests & eMail Response Management  
Customer Registration, Authentication & Password Reminders    
Community Traffic Registration    
Customer Profiling  
Lead Tracking  
Lead Assignment & Promotion  
Customer Questionnaires    
Sales Portal with Calendar & Tasklists    
Automated Follow-up    
Literature Fulfillment    
Knowledge Library & Document Management    
Broker/Agent Registration    
Contract Management      
Reservations & Contingencies    
Deposit Tracking    
Contract & Addenda Creation    
Build Order Generation    
Change Order Management    
Escrow Tracking    
Closing Preparation    
Inventory Home Management    
Customer Service & Self-Service      
Customer Portal  
Production Status Reporting    
Calendar / Schedule / To-Do Lists    
Customer Reference Library    
Service Work Orders    
Warranty Information    
After Market Sales & eCommerce    
Administration & Operations Support      
Comprehensive Administration Tools
Sales Management Reporting  
Marketing Analysis Reports  
Web Statistical Reports    
Back Office Systems Interfaces    
QuickStart Implementation Program
Professional Services