Quick Start Implementation

Our 'Quick Start' program is designed to get you up and running with an interactive, engaging site FAST! Once operational, enhancements and further customization can be addressed. Quick Start is appropriate for Builders who have technology and staff resource constraints and wish to defer content management responsibilities until the site is established.


  • Conduct Comprehensive 'Assessment' which is designed to ascertain:
  • ‘Readiness’ of content and determine if custom content services required
  • Site Information Structure:
    • channel structure - determine functions to enable
    • page structure - determine page elements to enable
  • 'Look & Feel': template and color style
  • Existing site: if existing site or graphical elements exist, ‘map’ reusable content

Engage Project Team

Review & Qualify

  • Implementation Plan - adjust workplan according to assessment
  • Review & Qualify - terms/conditions (SLA) and timeline

Develop Content

  • Gather and/or develop site content
  • Generate db and establish URL
  • Data loading


Go Live!

Maintain & Enhance

  • Determine process for change management
  • Mentor administrator on maintenance and support procedures
  • Augment site with customization requests (for example, custom home page and/or custom style template, links to iPIX multi-media presentations)
  • Register site with major search engines